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When you're looking for Temporary
or Corporate Housing in Maryland,
do you really want to work with someone
who's never been to the area to handle your needs?

With Temporary Furnished Apartments, Maryland is where we operate. Whether you're looking for something close to Washington D.C., in Downtown Baltimore, Northern Maryland or any area in between, we've got the knowledge that only being local can provide to help you choose the best apartment and neighborhood for your individual needs.

We can direct you to apartments near certain landmarks, with a specific atmosphere, or even just advise you on how the traffic is. We can give you recommendations for restaurants, night-time hotspots, mini-vacation or day trip destinations, and anything else you would expect to be able to learn from a local company.

Instead of wasting your time with an impersonal company who can only tell one neighborhood from another by looking at a map, you'll be able to get the ins and outs of your new Temporary Apartment from a true local.

Contact Us to find out how we can help you find the perfect furnished, temporary home for whatever your needs.

3700 Toone Street #2371
Baltimore, MD 21224

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